Monday, August 29, 2011

Response to Two Wars Video

Americans have their heads in the sand when it comes to the Iraqi war. When I talk with my friends about it, most are just tired of the war. Others talk about being stedfast but lack passion behind it. The Iraq War is almost a decade long and this video clip clearly illistrates the lack of insight and thirst for truth of this subject, at least on most Americans part.
A real life Iraqi, Haiter, puts himself in position to answer any questions an American can have and what happens next, Americans go and tell him about his own country instead. Americans ability to project their own point of view in spite of opposing evidence is astonishing. Over and over again, Americans choose not to ask questions but rather preach and project their vision of something they don't have a good grip on. Most Americans just regurgatate what the people in power are saying in the media. Most people just want other people to agree with them; not objectively research, learn and grow.
The clip also shows American hypocrasy in full force. Our "whole world changed" on 9/11 because 2,700 mostly Americans died. 2,700! We use this act to invade the wrong country and unittentionally kill 100,000's of innocent civilians. 100,000's of dead innocent Iraqis and nobody's talking about it. We are hypocrictical when it comes to the value of life.
For over thirty years in America, it's been a choice between Democrats and Republicans. A choice between unispiring wimps and very inspiring maniacs.