Monday, August 29, 2011

For over thirty years in America, it's been a choice between Democrats and Republicans. A choice between unispiring wimps and very inspiring maniacs.

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  1. In a nutshell, with the exception of Clinton and starting definitively with Carter, Democrats have given us nothing but Presidents that seem to do the technical, nuts and bolts part adequately but are grossly lacking at the "reach out to the people and inspire us" part of their job. Surprisingly to people like me, President Obama seems to be cut from this uninspiring, wimpy cloth. Now conversely, Republicans can get out there and give a rip roaring " God save America " speech that will just about bring a tear to your eye. Unless it was Ronald Reagan, then you would cry, for two totally different reasons depending upon which side of the political fence you happen to stand. But, when it comes to the nuts and bolts stuff, giving a good speech isn't enough. Huge tax cuts that created huge deficits in a fantasy supply side theory world where tax cuts pay for themselves, turn out to be a lie. Too many taxes and regulations hinders businesses and causes stagflation or slow growth. Too few taxes lead to deficits and too few regulations led to the great depression and now the great recession. We need a healthy balance between the two. Republicans want to keep cutting taxes, constantly go fight wars, and cut social programs to the poor again and again and again... Until they drive us off a cliff again. Some Democrats are closer that healthy balance of taxation and regulation. But they shoot them selves in the foot or just wimp out...