Sunday, September 25, 2011

Generation Y -Lured to the Devil with an Apple

 Being a generation-Xer, I see generation Y people better than they see themselves. Yeah yeah, on the surface they appear to be a little bit more together than us. They get along and work together better. Their expectations of the world are more realistic. They seem to communicate better with much more ease and savvy. They also are also extremely dependant on modern technology. If a blackout occurred, most of them would not know what to do, let alone function. They would probably just stand there, wide eyed, head cocked sideways, perplexed, staring at their phone. Modern technology for gen Y is not various tools to be utilized for various functions and reasons, but instead a crutch that is perceived as an absolute by the minute necessity. Various technological devices are now seen as a way of life not a tool. Generation Y folks are the fattest Americans ever! No kidding, imagine that. All those video games and the Internet and the youngins' don't go outside to exercise any more. They don't connect face to face as much anymore either. They also are not getting outside to connect with nature and God. This disconnect with nature has more far reaching implications than one might imagine.  Therefore, technology is the devil's new right hand!

(the above was written in style of tongue and cheek and meant to be received that way)

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