Monday, September 12, 2011

I'll scream if I hear " Not A Problem " from one more retail clerk!

It's 2011 and if you walk up to any cashier or clerk and ask any random question you will likely hear the same frigging response 99% of the time," NOT A PROBLEM !" How about a simple yes, O.K., or sure would do nicely. It is not the response itself but how many times you hear it over and over again. Regardless of the situation, prodacall, common sense etc. the kneejerk reaction is put into effect. Unrelated questions get the same response. When I ask what time it is and get back "not a problem" and an empty stare. Which way is the bathroom? Are you still serving breakfast? Can I speak with the manager? Things that deserve a simple answer instead get a simplton's paradigm. Folks, yes, no, and let me go find out for you are still part of our collective vocabulary. Let's try to use them a bit more...O.K?

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